Business Informatics

All business and industry areas are increasingly digitalised. Digital solutions have the critical properties of security, safety, quality and economically and ecologically purposeful functionality. Hence, their developement and evolution requires distinguished experts who are in the lead. They must have the capability to design and lead the technical implemention of innovative socio-technical systems and at the same time dispose of profound knowledge of business and economic aspects. Besides solid education and competences in computer science, experts in business informatics have the same for business, project and general management. They use methods such as enterprise modeling to ensure the critical properties of digital business models and the necessary technical systems.


Goals and Actions

The special interest group Business Informatics (SIG BI) within SI connects experts in Business Informatics. The SIG BI

– organises events for networking and providing technology updates

– provides services such as recommended socio-technical systems modelling and documentation templates

– supports the continuing education and professional recognition of its members from graduation until retirement

– cooperates with adjacent special interest groups as well as national and international professional societies.


To ensure the openness towards all language regions in Switzerland and the international orientation, the communication within the SIG will be conducted primarily in English. Regional physical events may be held in the local languages.


Target Groups

– Lecturers at Swiss universities, higher education institutions, and universities of applied sciences

– Experts working in industry and public administration

– Students and graduates in business informatics

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SIG Business Informatics Committee

– Edy Portmann, Co-President

– Hans-Georg Fill, Co-President

– Simon Moser, Vice-President

– Michael Kaufmann, Treasurer

– Gwendolin Wilke, PR/Media

– Ulrich Reimer, Events/Logistics